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Mindpace has done several mobile app and web projects by adding Google Places/Maps API elements to the app and increasing app engagement and customer retention.

Now let’s look at some of the Google Places/Maps APIs we have integrated:

Google Places/Maps API:

Mindpace have used Google Places/Maps API in different projects with geocoding. Some of the apps are as follows:

  • Food Trucker app

    The Food Trucker app constantly monitors the Food trucks location. The monitoring happens in an optimized way taking into account the battery usage, network availability, etc. The truck allocation happens based on the truck position and other complex availability criteria.

  • iRaver app

    iRaver provides location based event listing, display on Google Map. It displays nearby Taxi Service, Restaurants, Bars, Pubs by integration with Google Places and FourSquare. It also provides the facility to call up a service from the map location using the phone number available through the APIs.

  • GC Indiana app

    GC Indiana is an Android App to guide the tourists and travelers visiting Grant County Indiana, US. It displays tourist spots, landmarks, hotel, restaurants in and around the current location of the app user. It is integrated with Google Maps and backend server database. It also provides details about the landmarks fetched from server and also route maps to the destinations from current location.

  • Sportsly app

    Sportsly app is a social app which allows event creation and view the event details along with the location map using Google maps API and the route map of the event venue from the current location.

    If you plan to integrate any one or more of the above listed APIs in your Mobile or Web Application please contact us, we shall be more than happy to provide you with free consultation and no obligation cost estimates.


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