Payment Gateway Integration

Mindpace has done several mobile app and web projects by integrating it with Payment Gateway elements and increasing application engagement and customer satisfaction. Integrating with the various payment gateways enables an user to seamlessly make payments without any manual intervention and thus improves the customer retention for the application.

Now let’s look at some of the applications which we integrated with various payment gateways:

Paypal payment gateway

Mindpace integrated paypal payment gateway in several websites and apps. For iOS apps, Apple allows only virtual goods to be sold through In-app purchase. So for all physical goods sold through app we need to have a different payment mechanism other than In-app purchase. Paypal is the most common payment gateway used by most of the applications to suffice this requirement. One of the sample applications where we used paypal for payment gateway:

  • Promise me Now

    Promise me now is a social application which allows users to make a single or a group promise. The promise can be associated with a beneficiary amount which promise makes to a promise.

  • payment gateway enables internet merchants to accept online payments via credit card and e-check. These are more used in Enterprise solutions. One sample website where Mindpace worked on this is:

  • ICHI Software

    ICHI Software is a full-fledged real estate inspection software. Authorize.Net has been used for the payment to the Inspector once the inspection is done.

  • Merchant-e Solutions

    Merchant-e Solutions payment gateway accepts credit card payments globally: on website and through mobile.

  • Onlinehc website prototype

    Onlinehc website is a corporate training based website. The trainings can be taken on payment basis through credit cards where Merchant-e Solutions has been integrated.

    If you plan to integrate any one or more of the above listed APIs in your Mobile or Web Application please contact us, we shall be more than happy to provide you with free consultation and no obligation cost estimates.


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